Accepted papers

1 - Paul Jungeblut, Linda Kleist and Till Miltzow. The Complexity of the Hausdorff Distance
2 - Mayank Chaturvedi and Bengt J. Nilsson. APX-Hardness of the Minimum Vision Points Problem
3 - Arash Vaezi, Bodhayan Roy and Mohammad Ghodsi. Reflection Helps Guarding an Art Gallery
4 - Walter Didimo, Michael Kaufmann, Giuseppe Liotta and Giacomo Ortali. On Rectilinear Planarity Testing of SP-Graphs in the Variable Embedding Setting
5 - Rodrigo Castro, José-Miguel Díaz-Báñez, Marco A. Heredia, Jorge Urrutia, Inmaculada Ventura and Francisco J. Zaragoza. Euclidean Bipartite Edge Cover in Subcubic Time
6 - Travis Gagie, Mozhgan Saeidi and Allan Sapucaia. Ruler Wrapping
7 - Yuan Sha and Joachim Gudmundsson. Approximating the discrete center line segment in linear time
8 - Aya Bernstine and Yehonatan Mizrahi. Efficiently Enumerating Scaled Copies of Point Set Patterns
9 - Oswin Aichholzer, Thomas Hackl, Maarten Löffler, Alexander Pilz, Irene Parada, Manfred Scheucher and Birgit Vogtenhuber. Blocking Delaunay Triangulations from Exterior
10 - Philipp Kindermann, Jan Sauer and Alexander Wolff. The Computational Complexity of the ChordLink Model
11 - Satyan Devadoss and Matthew Harvey. Unfolding the Simplex and Orthoplex
12 - Aleksander B. G. Christiansen, Jacob Holm, Eva Rotenberg and Carsten Thomassen. Explicit Dynamic Schnyder Woods Require Linear (Amortized) Update Time
13 - Helena Bergold, Daniel Bertschinger, Nicolas Grelier, Wolfgang Mulzer and Patrick Schnider. Well-Separation and Hyperplane Transversals in High Dimensions
14 - Soeren Nickel, Martin Nöllenburg, Manuel Sorge, Anaïs Villedieu, Hsiang-Yun Wu and Jules Wulms. Planarizing Graphs and their Drawings by Vertex Splitting
15 - Balázs Keszegh. A new discrete theory of pseudoconvexity
16 - Sarita de Berg, Frank Staals and Marc van Kreveld. The complexity of geodesic spanners
17 - Helena Bergold, Stefan Felsner and Manfred Scheucher. Extendability of higher dimensional signotopes
18 - Sabine Storandt and Johannes Zink. Polyline Simplification under the Local Fréchet Distance has Subcubic Complexity
19 - Hugo Akitaya, Erik Demaine, Matias Korman, Irina Kostitsyna, Irene Parada, Willem Sonke, Bettina Speckmann, Ryuhei Uehara and Jules Wulms. Compacting Squares: Input-Sensitive In-Place Reconfiguration of Sliding Squares
20 - Maike Buchin and Lukas Plätz. The k-outlier Fréchet distance
21 - Delia Garijo, Alberto Marquez and Rodrigo Silveira. Continuous mean distance of a weighted graph
22 - Nicolas Grelier. Approximation of Minimum Convex Partition
23 - Hana Dal Poz Kourimska and Mathijs Wintraecken. Curvature variation based adaptive sampling for Delaunay triangulations of Riemannian manifolds
24 - Stefan Felsner, Sandro Roch and Manfred Scheucher. Arrangements of Pseudocircles: On Digons and Triangles
25 - Katharina Klost. Unweighted Shortest Path in Disk Graphs
26 - Franz Aurenhammer and Michael Steinkogler. An Insertion Strategy for Motorcycle Graphs
27 - Bengt J. Nilsson and Christiane Schmidt. $k$-Transmitter Watchman Routes
28 - Christina Katsamaki, Fabrice Rouillier and Elias Tsigaridas. An algorithm for the convex hull computation of rational plane curves
29 - Andrea de Las Heras Parrilla, Mercè Claverol and Clemens Huemer. Properties for Voronoi Diagrams of Arbitrary Order in the Sphere
30 - Md. Jawaherul Alam, Michael Bekos, Martin Gronemann, Michael Kaufmann and Sergey Pupyrev. The Mixed Page Number of Graphs
31 - Oswin Aichholzer, Man-Kwun Chiu, Hung Hoang, Michael Hoffmann, Yannic Maus, Birgit Vogtenhuber and Alexandra Weinberger. Gioan's Theorem for complete bipartite graphs
32 - Rahul Gangopadhyay and Gaiane Panina. A Note on Rectilinear Crossing number of Hypergraphs
33 - Vincent Despré, Loïc Dubois, Benedikt Kolbe and Monique Teillaud. Experimental analysis of Delaunay flip algorithms on genus two hyperbolic surfaces
34 - Michaela Borzechowski and Wolfgang Mulzer. Unique Sink Orientations of Grids is in Unique End of Potential Line
35 - Florian Barth, Stefan Funke and Claudius Proissl. On the Number of Optimal Paths in Multicriteria Route Planning
36 - Esther Ezra, Micha Sharir and Tslil Tsabari. Ray Shooting amid Tetrahedra in Four Dimensions
37 - Mark de Berg, Arpan Sadhukhan and Frits Spieksma. On Stable Range Assignments in $S^1$
38 - Phoebe de Nooijer, Soeren Nickel, Alexandra Weinberger, Zuzana Masárová, Tamara Mchedlidze, Maarten Löffler and Günter Rote. Removing Popular Faces in Curve Arrangements by Inserting one more Curve
39 - Thomas Depian, Guangping Li, Martin Nöllenburg and Jules Wulms. Transitions in Dynamic Map Labeling
40 - Vahideh Keikha, Sepehr Moradi and Ali Mohades. Preprocessing Imprecise Points for Furthest Distance Queries
41 - Maike Buchin, Antonia Kalb and Bernd Zey. Augmenting Graphs with Maximal Matchings
42 - Leonhard Löffler-Dauth. Small Area Drawings of Cactus-Graphs
43 - Will Evans, Ivor van der Hoog, David Kirkpatrick and Maarten Löffler. Towards the Minimization of Global Measures of Congestion Potential for Moving Points
44 - Daniel Bertschinger, Meghana M. Reddy and Enrico Mann. Lions and Contamination: Monotone Clearings
45 - Anne Driemel, David Göckede, Ivor van der Hoog and Eva Rotenberg. A Conditional Lower Bound for the Discrete Fréchet Distance in a Graph
46 - Kevin Buchin, Bram Custers, Ivor van der Hoog, Maarten Löffler, Aleksandr Popov, Marcel Roeloffzen and Frank Staals. Segment Visibility Counting Queries in Polygons
47 - Kevin Buchin, Max van Mulken, Bettina Speckmann and Kevin Verbeek. Kinetic Group Density in 1D
48 - Eva-Maria Hainzl, Maarten Löffler, Daniel Perz, Josef Tkadlec and Markus Wallinger. Finding a Battleship of Uncertain Shape
49 - Stefan Felsner, Hendrik Schrezenmaier, Felix Schröder and Raphael Steiner. Linear size universal point sets for classes of planar graphs
50 - Irina Kostitsyna, Tom Peters and Bettina Speckmann. Fast Reconfiguration for Programmable Matter
51 - Niloufar Fuladi, Alfredo Hubard and Arnaud De Mesmay. Short topological decompositions of non-orientable surfaces
52 - Boris Aronov, Esther Ezra, Micha Sharir and Guy Zigdon. Time and Space Efficient Collinearity Indexing
53 - Jonathan Klawitter, Boris Klemz, Felix Klesen, Stephen Kobourov, Myroslav Kryven, Alexander Wolff and Johannes Zink. Universal Lower Bounds on the Segment Number of Some Classes of Planar Graphs
54 - Oksana Firman, Philipp Kindermann, Jonathan Klawitter, Boris Klemz, Felix Klesen and Alexander Wolff. Outside-Obstacle Representations with All Vertices on the Outer Face
55 - Felix Weitbrecht. Linear Time Point Location in Delaunay Simplex Enumeration over all Contiguous Subsequences
56 - Joachim Gudmundsson, Martin Seybold and Sampson Wong. Approximating Multiplicatively Weighted Voronoi Diagrams: Efficient Construction with Linear Size
57 - Taekang Eom and Hee-Kap Ahn. An Optimal Algorithm for Weighted Center Problem on Cycle Graphs
58 - Daniel Bertschinger, Henry Förster and Birgit Vogtenhuber. Intersections of Double-Wedge Arrangements
59 - Hugo Akitaya, Maike Buchin, Majid Mirzanezhad, Leonie Ryvkin and Carola Wenk. Realizability of Free Space Diagrams for 1D Curves
60 - Frank Staals, Jérôme Urhausen and Jordi L. Vermeulen. Querying the Hausdorff Distance of a Line Segment
61 - Shahin John J S, Remi Raman, R Subashini and Subhasree Methirumangalath. Watchman Route on Line Segments
62 - Péter Ágoston, Gábor Damásdi, Balázs Keszegh and Dömötör Pálvölgyi. Orientation type of convex sets
63 - Erin Chambers, Elizabeth Munch and Tim Ophelders. A quality measure for Reeb graph drawings
64 - Mart Hagedoorn and Irina Kostitsyna. The Shortest Path with Increasing Chords in a Simple Polygon
65 - Guillermo Esteban, Prosenjit Bose, David Orden and Rodrigo Silveira. Spanning ratio of shortest paths in weighted square tessellations
66 - Oswin Aichholzer, Kristin Knorr, Maarten Löffler, Zuzana Masárová, Wolfgang Mulzer, Johannes Obenaus, Rosna Paul and Birgit Vogtenhuber. Flipping Plane Spanning Paths
67 - Arun Kumar Das, Sandip Das, Guilherme D. da Fonseca, Yan Gerard and Bastien Rivier. Complexity Results on Untangling Planar Rectilinear Red-Blue Matchings
68 - Sam van der Poel, Gaurish Telang, Joseph Mitchell and Logan Graham. On Some Relations Between Optimal TSP Solutions and Proximity Graphs in the Plane