On-site participation

We plan to have an on-site conference. To participate to EuroCG 2022, registration is required. Due to regulations, it is mandatory to present valid (digital, if possible) proof of vaccination against or recent recovery from COVID-19 (EU Digital COVID Certificate for EU citizens or equivalent certificates for non-EU citizens). For further information on the Certificate you can refer to the official page available on the website of the European Commission: click here.

Fees and registration form for on-site participation

Student Full
Early (until February 25) 130 EURO 190 EURO
Late (until March 1) 190 EURO 250 EURO

Please register here.
Once registered, within two working days, we will send you an email with the payment instructions.
If you need extra tickets for the social events (welcoming, excursion, social dinner) please contact us: evento.eurocg2022@unipg.it.

Online participation

Those people who cannot attend on-site for COVID-19-related restrictions, can still follow the talks and present their work via Zoom. Registration is free of charge but mandatory. For organization matters, the registration closes on the 1st of March.
Please register here.
Once registered, before the workshop starts, we will send you the link for online participation.